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What is my Sidereal Sun Sign?

Here is a list of Vedic Sun signs based on birthday.

Birth dates and Vedic (Sidereal) Sun Signs

  • Jan 14 - Feb 12: Capricorn

  • Feb 13 - Mar 13: Aquarius

  • Mar 14 - Apr 13: Pisces

  • Apr 14 - May 14: Aries

  • May 15 - Jun 14: Taurus

  • Jun 15 - Jul 15: Gemini

  • Jul 16 - Aug 16: : Cancer

  • Aug 17 -Sep 16: Leo

  • Sep 17-Oct 16: Virgo

  • Oct 17 - Nov 15: Libra

  • Nov 16 - Dec 15: Scorpio

  • Dec 16 - Jan 13: Sagittarius

Why is there a difference between Vedic Sidereal & Western Tropical Sun signs?

The Sun's sign placement in a birth chart is often (not always) different between the Western tropical system and the Vedic (sidereal) system. In the western tropical system the placement of the signs is recalculated each year based on the position of the Spring equinox. However, that point changes every year due to the 'wobble' of the earth's precession around its axis. As a result, the starting point for Aries and each subsequent sign also shifts. If you look up to the sky as an astronomer would to see where that year's vernal equinox was placed, you'd find that the equinox no longer in the constellation Aries. Instead it occurs in the sign of Pisces.

By contrast, the Vedic sidereal system uses distant (fixed) stars to reference the beginning of the stellar zodiac, so the starting point for the zodiac doesn't change. Around 285 C.E., those two points were at the same point in the sky. But, over time, the reference points slowly drifted apart due to the earth's precession. In 2020, there is about a 24° difference between sign placements between the systems. Since a full sign is 30° wide (12 signs x 30° each= 360° around the earth), it means there is about a 3/4 sign difference between the sidereal and tropical systems.

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