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Michael has been a student and practitioner of eastern philosophy & meditation since 1979, and Vedic astrology since 1990.  He received academic degrees in electrical engineering, business, and finance and taught graduate courses in those areas while pursuing traditional business careers. 

Over the years, Michael engaged in a wide variety of diverse interests and occupations. These included designing commercial radio systems, deploying global satellite networks, leading a financial research team at a highly successful hedge fund, and flying his plane as a private pilot. Along with his wife of 40 years, they raised a thriving, prosperous family of five daughters, two sons, and five far.

Behind the scenes though, meditation and Vedic astrology played indispensable roles in his activities and were easily his most intense and genuine passions. Early on, he gravitated to the efficacy of deep meditation and Vedantic wisdom and the practical edge astrology gave him while addressing everyday situations.  Over time, Michael guided numerous individuals, friends, and colleagues, in both personal and professional matters using Vedic astrology. In 2015 Michael retired from his successful research career in order to completely immerse himself in his astrology practice. 

Michael is certified through the Council of Vedic Astrology and the recipient of the CVA Jyotish Visharada. During the past thirty years, Michael was fortunate to have received personal guidance and instruction from several exceptional Vedic astrology teachers, but ultimately became an ardent student of James Kelleher. James is a deeply respected and internationally recognized Vedic astrologer based in California.  James is the co-founder of the American Council of Vedic Astrology, the American College of Vedic Astrology, and the Sierra Institute of Vedic Astrology.  


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