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Why Astrology?


It's not about predictions;  It's about empowering our free will.


For tens of thousands of years, people of innumerable faiths, cultures, and civilizations looked skyward in search of guidance and grace. With time, that primal quest gradually turned humanity's attention increasingly inward through introspection, prayer, and meditation. Eventually, some early ancient seekers cognized the profound realization that consciousness...pure unbounded consciousness...was the source and goal of that sentient search.


From that awakened inner perspective, a clarifying insight was revealed: our inner and outer worlds weren't actually "separate"  in the way they seem to appear when viewed from more superficial vantage points. The reality is that our so-called "diverse worlds" are, and can be directly experienced as, seamlessly unified. That extraordinary realization meant that observations and experiences in the external world have intimate correspondences with our essential inner nature. In other words, the outer world mirrors our deepest inner reality. Astrology is just one of several technologies that make practical use of this elegantly simple revelation.

Astrology is a practical tool. It helps reveal subtle influences in our lives by using external observations as pointers, including the positioning of celestial bodies. Those insights help us bring some clarity to where we might deploy our free will, which in turn empowers us toward greater accomplishment and well-being.  It’s not necessarily an approach for everyone, but for many, it has the potential to uncover dormant opportunities and avoid some of the difficult challenges that may lay ahead.

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